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Cardiac arrest can happen in schools, sporting events and industry

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AEDs & Safety Services, LLC is a local business, certified as a Woman-Owned Small Business by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). We specialize in helping save lives by teaching CPR/AED and First Aid classes and selling ZOLL/Cardiac Science AEDs. We also sell Pads and Batteries for all brands of AED's and First Aid Cabinets and First Aid Supplies.

Providing services to corporations, industry and educational and sports organizations

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health and safety products and services to industry, corporations, nonprofits, schools, churches, local governments and parks departments.

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We offer different types of AEDs to fit your needs. We are an authorized distributor for ZOLL/Cardiac Science.


We service our products and all brands of AEDs. We offer training on the use of the equipment.

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For all U.S. AED and professional defibrillator users

Effective February 3, 2022: All AEDs and professional defibrillators must be FDA-approved under the premarket approval (PMA) regulation.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) notified all AED and professional defibrillator owners, users, and prescribers that effective February 3, 2022, accessories for non-FDA approved AEDs and professional defibrillators will no longer be supported by the manufacturer.

This regulation impacts all AEDs and professional defibrillators that do not carry FDA premarket approval. In accordance with the FDA requirement, accessories (including, but not limited to, batteries, cables, hardware, and therapy electrodes) and service will no longer be available for these devices.

What action should you take?

  1. Take inventory of your AEDs and professional defibrillators and check them against the FDA-approved devices list.
  2. If any of your devices are not included on the FDA-approved devices list, contact us for information about how you can transition to FDA-approved devices.



Defibrillators decreasing cardiac arrests' death toll

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Bystanders save lives using defibrillator for cardiac arrest

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Cardiac arrest survival greatly increases when bystanders use an automated external defibrillator

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The Unpredicability of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

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AED: Save a Life

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest

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ZOLL/Cardiac Science AED Program Management

'We Can Save Lives': Damar Hamlin's Resuscitation Is a Teachable Moment

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Saints, Pelicans Donating AEDs To Louisiana Facilities After Hamlin Emergency

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Did Damar Hamlin experience commotio cordis? What to know about the rare phenomenon

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Teachers with an AED Save a 7th Grader!

Clark County Health Department adds five community aid stations

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AED use increasing among Indiana law enforcement, saving lives

Kristin Toussing was 29 years old when she went into cardiac arrest at home. A firefighter using an AED saved her life.
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AEDs and Safety Services partners with Clark County Health Department

Pulsepoint and AEDs and Safety Services

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AEDs are a crucial life-saving tool. Why doesn't every US school have one?

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Bill requiring AEDs in Ky. middle and high schools passes House Education Committee

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Proposed bill would require AEDs, CPR training at Ky. schools and sporting events

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Kentucky parents urge schools to prepare, practice emergency plans following son's fatal collapse at soccer practice

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Performing CPR to the Bee Gees, Beyonce and Missy Elliot could save lives

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How a girl's 'death mask' from the 1800s became the face of CPR dolls

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Scott County custodian saves choking student

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What is PulsePoint?

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Principal recognized after helping save student's life

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Coaches use AED to revive Greenwood student who collapsed during basketball practice

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AED use increasing among Indiana law enforcement, saving lives

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Carmel Middle School staff, on-site AED help save life of fan at football game

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Use of Non-ZOLL/Cardiac Science Defibrillator Batteries or Refurbished AED Batteries

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EMS Safety Student Saves a Life

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Marianna Perry of AEDs & Safety Services, LLC donates an AED to the Pirate’s Marathon in Otisco

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Unexpected Liability Considerations About Performing CPR

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Coaches use AED to revive Greenwood student who collapsed during basketball practice

School officials said coaches and staff members administered CPR to the student in cardiac arrest.

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Franklin Square Elementary School

AEDs & Safety Services participated in a CPR Event with the Clark County Health Department at Franklin Square Elementary School in Jeffersonville so students could understand how to do CPR.


The new AED that was donated by the Clark County Health Department as part of the PulsePoint Program.

Clark County Casting & Conservation Club

Mike Ross, Health Educator with the Clark County Health Department and Tony Long, Clark County Casting &

Conservation Club in Jeffersonville with the new AED that was donated by the Clark County Health Department as a part of the PulsePoint Program.

AEDs & Safety Services, LLC Donates AED to Charlestown Volunteer Fire Department

Marianna Perry of AEDs & Safety Services, LLC donates a Zoll/Cardiac Science G3 AED to the Charlestown Volunteer Fire Department after being contacted by Gavan Hebner, the Director of Clark County Emergency Management, and discovered that the Volunteer Fire Department needed an AED.


From left to right:
Marianna Perry, AEDs & Safety Services
Chris Upton, Station 91 Battalion Chief, Charlestown Volunteer Fire Department
Mike Ross, Health Educator, Clark County Health Department

Community Aid Station installed at New Washington restaurant

Read Story on the News and Tribune

NEW WASHINGTON — The Clark County Health Department is providing a rural community with a resource that will help save lives in emergency situations.

On Monday, a Community Aid Station was installed at Sweathogs Bar & Grill, located at 305 Ind. 62 in New Washington. The station is equipped with an automated external defibrillator (AED), Stop the Bleed Kit and Narcan.

Clark County Health Officer Dr. Eric Yazel said the goal is to offer live-saving care for uncontrolled bleeding, overdoses and cardiac events, which are leading causes of out-of-hospital deaths.

The Community Aid Station is registered on PulsePoint, a mobile app connected to the Clark County 9-1-1- system. PulsePoint immediately notifies CPR-trained bystanders if someone is suffering a sudden cardiac arrest or if someone is unconscious in a public area and tells them the location of the closest AED station.

The Community Aid Station was supported through the IN CAREs grant from the state, which covered about $1,300 for the New Washington installation. The grant aims to strengthen overdose prevention in Indiana.

Although the health department has installed a few stations throughout the county, they have mainly been located in more populated communities such as Jeffersonville and Clarksville, according to Yazel. The New Washington Community Aid Station is the sixth or seventh to be installed in Clark County, he said.

“Our goal is to have one in essentially every community in the county within 10 minutes or less,” Yazel said. “It’s important to reach out to rural communities that may have a longer response time for healthcare.”

Yazel said they were seeking non-traditional partners such as bars and restaurants, since they are open at extended hours.

“A lot of healthcare facilities outside emergency departments are a 9-to-5 kind of thing,” he said. “A lot of these issues don’t happen during those hours, so it’s important to have nontraditional access points.”

In addition to installing the Community Aid Station, the Clark County Health Department will offer CPR and Narcan training for employees of the restaurant.

“New Washington always has a strong sense of community volunteerism, so they were the perfect candidate,” Yazel said. “Sweathogs stepped up and was excited to be involved. I hope this brings in other community partners to do this too.”

Gavan Hebner, Director Clark County (IN) secures funding for AED for the Borden-Wood Township (IN) Volunteer Fire Department

From left to right front row:
Gavan Hebner, Director Clark County Emergency Management
Brian Everage
Alison Popp

From left to right second row:
Jack Everage
Paul Brewer
Ethan Popp
Jeff Holmes

Standing behind the fire truck:
Ernie Burnett